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Jan 9, 2024

Two of the top bands at Coro Classic

From Family Jam Sessions to Global Stages Coterie’s dynamic was on full display at the Coro Classic, where they treated fans to a new song set to be released in the coming months. The response? Nothing short of electric. The enthusiasm of the crowd was a clear indicator that Coterie’s new music is eagerly awaited. This headline act at Coro Classic 2024 has truly made its mark both in New Zealand and across the seas. Our media team caught up with the members of Coterie just after their performance. Coterie is a band of four brothers, born in New Zealand and raised in Per…

Jan 3, 2024

The Black Seeds: Keeping the Beat Alive New Year’s Eve

Barnaby delved into the band’s origins, their musical journey, and shared how the band has evolved through the years. It all started in 1998 at Radioactive, a local radio station in Wellington central where a group of volunteer DJs and music enthusiasts, including Barnaby Weir, began to mesh their talents. This was the birth of The Black Seeds, a band that quickly became known for its distinctive fusion of reggae and funk.  “Over the next two years, we established a sound and got a few more members and then we put out our first album in 2001,” says Barnaby. Their music, simple yet po…

Jan 3, 2024

Three Great Nights at The Coroglen Tavern

Tiki Taane: Soundscapes of a Musical Alchemist Coroglen Tavern – a standout venue Tiki Taane was the main act, Saturday, 30 December at Coroglen. Tiki’s name is synonymous with innovation in the New Zealand music scene. He shared with The Informer about his life’s journey, from his early days in Christchurch to achieving international acclaim as a musician.  Tiki started his first band at 14, in what he describes as a heavy metal thrash punk band, and began performing at 15, quickly realising that his future lay in music. Driven by a strong passion for sound and…

Dec 12, 2023

Music Academy Concert – a fine performance

An unsung hero and one of amazing talent and international singing awards in her experience, is Anita Prime who led her music academy students in their annual Christmas Concert last Sunday afternoon in Whitianga Town Hall. The essence of the concert was to sing, play, and shine. Sing like your favourite artist, play like your musical idols, and shine like the brightest musical star. Sing, play, and shine is exactly what the participants did. The stage was bedazzled with a backdrop of fairy lights. The young stars stepped forward with confidence; their voices and musical abilities wer…