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Council Structure – another proficient way of working

Buddy’s letter was written well and laid out his points without resorting to the “shoot the messenger” rubbish on which many unfortunately rely. There were elements to Buddy’s letter with which I disagreed, but there was one point he made that got me thinking and is the basis of this article. I will repeat the point he made so you know to what what I am referring. Regarding Maori Wards, Buddy wrote “What they do is address an inequality in representation and a voice that might require appropriate or specialist knowledge. For example, for best advice we might look to a Councillor with a Farming...

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Let’s hope we can be great again

We, like many, entertained waves of family visitors over the Christmas and New Year period. We were pleased to see them enjoy the beach and the various attractions Whitianga has to offer. In January we were pleased to see them go but look forward to them returning. This is one of life’s paradoxes. We hired one of the tour operators to take us and various Kids and Grandies out on the bay for a look at the coast and of course Cathedral Cove. An extremely enjoyable tour that was enjoyed by all. What amazed me though was the amount of people that were visiting Cathedral Cove, there were hundreds,...

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Beauty in Blocks and Stone Walls

We went out for lunch the other day to the new restaurant, Basker, by The Waterways in Whitianga; one of the great new additions to our hospitality venues that have sprung up in the last few months. We arrived at the time they were closing the brunch menu and preparing for lunch and dinner, so we had to patiently drink some bubbles while waiting for the kitchen to prepare. We were onto the third glass when I started gazing at the scene outside and thinking about the practical beauty that was presented. The view outside is dominated by a canal, winding through elegant suburbs and offering...

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A surprise present from Council

The Council’s present was along those lines, I am forced to pay for it through my rates and its something I didn’t want or need. What they gave me was some bins. The purpose of these bins is supposedly for rubbish disposal but, as I use the red bin people for this service, I didn’t really need any more bins. This present was much like the porcelain unicorn ornament a granddaughter gave me, but it’s the thought that counts. I have stored the bins by the back shed alongside the small unicorn and some other things of no real use and pondered what to do with them, where to put them and so on....

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Time to Join the Nuclear World?

In the sixties, we teenagers were kept petrified by the thought of the nuclear doom coming down on us. The threat of nuclear war and the resultant nuclear winter with (you guessed it) nuclear snow, had us quivering with fear. This fear was accentuated by movies such as The War Game that were circulated around schools to prove to us all that we had no real future. To us at this time, ‘nuclear ruin’ was our big enemy, in the same way ‘climate ruin’ is to today’s teens. It is hard for teenagers to fight adult publicity machines.   So, we yelled and screamed, protested in the streets...

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