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Scammed – A tale of Crypto crime

Note the figure mentioned here are fractions of a crypto coin so 200 UDST = 0.086 of 1 ETH coin. The author has these figures so that there are not so many 0’s and it may make it easier to understand. It started about 18 months ago in the middle of New Zealand’s winter. It was early morning and I was driving on the desert road just as the sun came up. Mount Ruapehu was covered in snow and it was glistening in the early sunlight. I stopped and took a few photos and posted them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I checked a couple of days later and there were a few likes from my family and...

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Puneet is Tech Solutions

Puneet is the exact opposite of this stereo type. This quietly spoken young man is here to listen and then politely suggest answers to your enquiries and tech problems. Many seniors and non-technical phone and computer owners have been calmed and then helped by Puneet. Puneet’s journey to Whitianga started from his home in the state of Punjab in India. He came to Auckland where he spent three years working and studying electronics telecommunications – continuing his tech studies in India. His company, Tech Solutions Ltd sent him to Whitianga six years ago. At first the town seemed quiet,...

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EVs Unleashed: The Future Isn’t Coming, It’s Plugged In Already!

Despite legacy auto and oil industry misinformation campaigns, electric vehicles (EVs) made up 19% of 2023 NZ car registrations. (Source: The Tesla Model Y was the world’s best-selling car in 2023, regardless of category.  On this exponential growth trajectory, EVs will dominate global sales within five years, and sales of internal combustion engine (ICE) cars fuelled by petrol and diesel will be in the rearview mirror. Now imagine a scenario where a long-term EV owner with little knowledge of ICE cars ponders whether they might be better and is deciding whether to...

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One of the great industry comebacks

ANCAP is an independent, non-regulatory, consumer information programme that publishes safety ratings for a range of new vehicles entering the Australian and New Zealand markets.  The Chinese designed and manufactured the V240 ute, introduced to the Australasian market as a cheap alternative to the more well established and popular brands such as Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Isuzu and Mitsubishi which have dominated the new vehicle ute market for many years. Toyota in particular have also always had a good reputation for being in high demand on the second-hand market and retain high...

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