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Responsible budget and welcome tax package

No doubt we’ll see a sensible approach taken to get the books back in order, stop wasteful spending, and prioritise funding for frontline services. It’s always important to remember that every dollar we take from a taxpayer is a dollar that needs to be spent with care. While most of the funding announcements will be made on Budget Day, Finance Minister Nicola Willis has confirmed that we’re delivering an affordable and responsible tax package to hard-pressed families. In my opinion, this will be welcomed by households across the country, because it’s been 14 years since income tax thresholds...

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Stolen and fleeced – Part Two

Stolen An advert on Facebook states ‘Invest $xxxx and I will manage your crypto investment. You can start with $200 US.’ Again, I start to research the person. She was based in the UK, had been an investment consultant for many years, self-employed and runs her own investment company. She would carry out day trading. I would have full access to a web page showing the amount she had invested and any profit (if there was any). This time I will be more careful. She offered three packages $200, $500, $1000 USD and the investment would be compounded each day, and her take will be 10% of the final...

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Scammed – A tale of Crypto crime

Note the figure mentioned here are fractions of a crypto coin so 200 UDST = 0.086 of 1 ETH coin. The author has these figures so that there are not so many 0’s and it may make it easier to understand. It started about 18 months ago in the middle of New Zealand’s winter. It was early morning and I was driving on the desert road just as the sun came up. Mount Ruapehu was covered in snow and it was glistening in the early sunlight. I stopped and took a few photos and posted them on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. I checked a couple of days later and there were a few likes from my family and...

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