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A bit of love and a bit of hate on SH25

On the way to Puki last week, I was held up in quite a long line of traffic… getting closer to the front of the Q here we go “Bridge Repairs” is what the sign said and all the customary cones and staff on the GO/STOPs were doing their thing to keep the contractors working for Waka Kotahi safe from passing traffic.
 |  MichelleRhodes  | 

The mana wave of the girl traffic management team. The tag is a senseless act on the sign to the new bridge.

Often drivers think that all the cones etc. are over kill, I can assure you as an ex-UK Police Officer that has stood on and beside busy roads at traffic accidents and on traffic duty. They are really needed to slow vehicles down to a safe speed to protect both road side workers and vehicles in the flow of traffic.

All that said as I passed the contractors were grinding off some graffiti, the bridge was still functioning but may be not as pretty. Was this necessary and a good use of rate and tax payers $.

Let’s find out by asking some questions ….

See the picture this is what’s called a “Tag” unique to the tagger…. Not quite a “Banksy” who is a genuine graffiti artist whose art makes things more interesting and beautiful generally speaking. What’s a “Tag” that’s dangerous to look at if you’re crossing the bridge at the speed limit …. Put another one on the back of an adjacent road sign so we can show it to the Police and hopefully have you arrested for criminal damage…you can then pay the bill for all the repair work and safety processes needed to remove your tag. Might have been poetic justice if our mystery Tager had been blown over by a passing car. Someone knows who you are and I would urge them to turn you in so you can learn and be helped to find a more suitable out let for your creativity or need for attention.

Is our budding Banksie a taxpayer maybe their parents are. The cost advised by Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency was $1,000 to just remove the graffiti. The cost of the road safety staff, cones etc etc is fortunately spread across other projects taking place. This would easily have been a few more thousands of dollars.   

That’s the hate and now for the LOVE the other picture is an amazingly positive young lady road safety worker who cheered me up the next day a day on my return trip from Puki. Every vehicle passing her was getting her “wave” which I now understand from Chanel One’s breakfast show is an increasing trend called “The Mana Wave”. Why be bored on the job if you can make a motorist like me happy and smile, despite the frustrations of having to wait in traffic again.

Thank you to the lovely lady, whoever you are, you made me smile (I was the one in the black SUV that gave you the heart hands back).