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Whitianga community Menzshed project – We Need Your help

For most men, after a lifetime of paid employment (or self-employment), coupled with the drive to pay off mortgages, and become financially independent; retirement looms as a time to slow down and spend more time doing the things they enjoy, but have not had the time available.

However, retirement for many is also a time of emotional and mental turmoil as they adjust to a life that no longer revolves around the routines, social connections, and expectations of a career. This change can unfortunately bring about feelings of social isolation, a lack of purpose, a decline in self-belief and self-worth.

Sadly, older males (men over 50) are over-represented in statistics around suicide ideation.

The Menzshed is founded on the understanding of the need to address men’s health. It fosters a culture of connectedness and friendships, and a sense of belonging where men feel valued by sharing their knowledge and experience.

This can boost men’s mental health in terms of creating a safe space where men feel comfortable speaking with their peers who understand their problems. It provides a place where men can meet, make useful contributions to their communities, and addresses social isolation.

The Whitianga Menzshed was established in July 2018 becoming a registered Charitable Society called “The Whitianga Community Menzshed”. It proved to be an immediate success and membership rapidly grew. Thanks to the Vetter family, then owners of Peninsula Roofing, they donated the use of a building at Moewai for the organization’s use at no cost.

Demand for use has outgrown the facility as membership has grown. Now, we are exploring options to assist with the additional funds needed to allow us to move ahead with the fundraising for the building costs for the new Menzshed building. Site, plans and costings have been prepared for the new building.

At this stage, we have managed to fund raise just over $213,000, allowing us to put all our funds raised directly to the building fund. We require an additional $479,000 to complete the total amount to complete the new facility. With the building costs constantly increasing, we are very aware that we need to keep moving forward with our fundraising efforts so that we are not finding ourselves ‘chasing our tail’ with the cost of this project continually growing.

We’ve had the joy of operating here in Whitianga for five years now and have seen the benefits of this for many people over that time. At this stage we have over 30 members but we know that this will grow once the new shed is built and we have more room. Currently, things are very crowded for our members –

We have also had a number of enquiries from women who would love the opportunity to be able to come and work on projects too and we are planning to have a dedicated day each week where women can come along and work independently or alongside the men to create their projects.

The shed that we are proposing to build is 30 m x 12 m with an additional separate building which has been largely funded by the scouting group as the toilet block which will sit alongside the new building to be used jointly by the scouts when they decide to move on with their building.

We would be very grateful if you are able to assist us in any way to help us achieve the additional funds required to enable us to move ahead with this valuable community asset.

Should you wish more information please feel free to contact either Glenn Schache phone 0274 952 015 or Ernie Pitchfork 021 872 747 who will be able to provide more details on the building proposal for the Whitianga Menzshed. All donations will be acknowledged with a “tax rebate” receipt. You may deposit into our account 02 0496 0124241 001.

Thanking you in anticipation.