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Meal Hub Whitianga

It is no secret that the total at the supermarket checkout for basic household needs has become larger than we could have ever anticipated. Times are difficult and those who were once managing the household budget well, are now discovering the pennies just aren’t stretching as far anymore.
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The revived Community Pantry initiative

The Whitianga Community is full of kindhearted, generous souls and this community pantry is an easy way to connect those who have plenty, left-over or unused items, with those who are in need.

The pantry was originally created by Mercury Bay Area School students some years ago and was originally located outside the school. With the school’s permission, the pantry has been revived to life by hard working, community members.

The original mural on the rear of the pantry was painted in loving memory of Policeman Pat Doak, who sadly passed away in 2019. The mural has been preserved on the inside of the pantry as a tribute to the history of selflessness in our community, and a nod to the original creators.

The pantry is now located in its new centralised home on Coghill Street, Whitianga. Specifically, outside the C3 Church building and is easily viewed and accessible from the road.

We welcome goods supplied by all community members and businesses with a  “TAKE ONLY WHAT YOU NEED / LEAVE WHAT YOU DON’T” policy.

Anyone can donate items, and anyone can help themselves.

The Future is Bright!

We have some big ideas for the future of this project. Branded ‘Meal Hub’, the dream is for the pantry to not just be an anonymous exchange point for basic pantry items, produce from laden fruit trees and abundant harvests from vegetable patches, but it could also be a place which will house affordable meal ideas and recipes.

The ‘recipe of the week’ base item (such as cans of lentils or beans) could be supplied and replenished regularly. This would enable those families who are in a time of need to create healthy meals at home for a small price.

However, we have not progressed this idea just yet.

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved with this community initiative, please email us hello@