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Cooking up a storm

Three Cook’s Beach firefighters will be competing in the annual Firefighter Skytower Challenge. They are local heroes in their community especially to the children.
Cookie sale

So, on the first day of the 2024 school year, four students at Whenuakite School, with lots of enthusiasm and community spirit, started planning a cookie sale. All the money raised would go to these three local firefighters to help contribute to their fundraising efforts for the Skytower Challenge.

This annual event raises funds for Leukemia and Blood Cancer New Zealand. Each year, hundreds of fire fighters from all over New Zealand and other countries, face the 1,103 steps of the Auckland Sky Tower with their 25kg uniform, including their BA(breathing apparatus).

The four students, Florence, Sophie, Sparrow and Verity, spent a few days planning at school and then put their plan into motion. They baked up a storm with help from parents and friends; made signs and got organised for their big sale day. Their firefighter heroes are Mila, Hugo and Bruce Smith – a father, son and daughter trio, currently training for the annual challenge to be held on  Saturday, 18 May 2024 and all three are members of the Cooks Beach Fire Brigade.

Cookie sale day arrived – Sunday, 11 February.  “It’s a big day and we can’t let the Smiths down,” says six-year-old Sophie.

Their maths skills were put to the test working out the change, while serving all their customers.   Thanks to the generous Cooks Beach community, they sold out quickly and raised almost $300. All power and thanks to the four girls.

If you would like to support your every-day-heroes to raise funds for Leukemia and Blood Cancer NZ, contact your local fire brigade or go to