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Wow! Much Needed New Furniture store in Whiti – New Owner !!

The newest addition to Whitianga’s retail scene is the SuperPrice Furniture store , owned and managed by Kamal Singh with his new business partner and his brother Diamond Thind, two savvy entrepreneurs . The store is now occupying the previously empty space on 33 Albert Street and it is fully stocked with an impressive assortment of NZ Made Beds, Lounge suites, recliners and home décor items. Kamal also owns and manages 2 stores in Thames offering service to the entire Coromandle since 5 years while Diamond will now co-own and manage the Whitianga store.
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Kamal has fascinating and an inspiring story When asked by informer, “Why furniture?”. He shared the story of his first job in New Zealand. Even though he was just an international student. Kamal was determined to give his best, no matter what. He worked hard and volunteered extra hours to learn as much as he could and it paid off. One day the store owner of a leading furniture business, recognised his potential and asked him if he could manage a store by himself ? Kamal was confident in his abilities and asked, Where?” to which owner replied , “Kaitaia”. Despite not knowing where it was Kamal saw this as an opportunity to prove himself and immediately accepted the challenge. When you’re young and hungry for a challenge, you have to take every opportunity to prove yourself, “says Kamal. And that’s exactly what he did. The Kaitaia store in one year became the top performing store out of 25 others and continued to stay on top. “I grew in confidence and I became humbler in dealing with customers. There was this feeling that I was getting ready for something bigger in my life. Kaitaia was my home for two and half years. Then I helped the company open up the KeriKeri store – setting it up and training the managers.” says Kamal. Opportunities kept coming towards Kamal , this time it was to be the chosen manager to lead the new store opposite Harvey Norman in Te Rapa. During the process of recruitment of new staff , a CV stood out, which was a young guy named Diamond and assumed that he was of different nationality . When Diamond arrived at the store, Kamal was surprised to see a young indian boy walking towards him. Kamal realised that he needed to stop worrying about ethnicity and focus on Diamond’s willingness to work hard and his eagerness to seize the opportunity to shine. Diamond’s English speaking ability was of beginner level but he confidently asked to work voluntarily until he understood the job. Kamal saw this as a challenge and opportunity to take the risk and started to train Diamond and soon he became the manager of the store . In short period of time Kamal’s store in Te Rapa and Diamonds store in Te Awamutu became the top two performing stores. We had a lot of competitors!  I could see myself in Diamond.” Says Kamal. Time for dreams to come true: After a management change in the company he worked for , he realised that the time had come to take control of his destiny . He told his wife that he wanted to own his own store, and was confident that he could make it happen. He explained that he had helped other people achieve their dreams , but his dream was still unfulfilled. His wife, a registered nurse  , agreed to look after things so that he could work towards his goals. Kamal set out on a mission to find the perfect opportunity and he did just that. Today , he owns not one but three thriving stores, and his success is a testament to his unwavering self-belief and determination. Kamal describes his company as “ At Superprice Furniture we understand the importance of service and balancing quality and affordability. We believe that everyone deserves access to premium quality furniture and furnishing that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing .” Covid brought a mixed blessings “We realised life is short and anything can happen. During such times, we were grateful to our customers for the overwhelming support. We faced some issues with supplies that were beyond our control. So, we moved to Kiwi-made products to meet local needs. This decision was a big success for our business. Our customers loved the high quality and locally made furniture we provided. Co-owners: Superprice Furniture has built a loyal customers over the years, especially in Whitianga and the wider Coromandel region. When Kamal saw the opportunity to expand his business and open a store in Whitianga, he knew it was the right decision. Recognising the potential in Diamond , who has previously worked with him as a manager in furniture store Te Awamutu and also in his own store SPF Thames and Morrinsville, Kamal was confident that Diamond had what it takes to succeed. With an academic background in Law and a professional background in retail. Diamond is driven to achieve great things in life. Kamal also considers him as a cherished member of his family and is convinced that Diamond will thrive and live up to his name. We had to find the right location, the right price, the right timing. We believe we have. Fagan was a people person. We are too. We will work in his tradition and bring our own deep commitment to service.”