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What is SeniorNet? Why join SeniorNet?

You can find the answers to these questions by coming to our next “Drop in Day” which will be on May 15 at 10.15am in our classroom in the Social Services Building on Cook Drive.

This is a one hour time for you to meet some of our tutors and committee members, for you to find out whether SeniorNet can help you learn how to improve your use of email, perhaps to create spreadsheets, and to organise your files and folders.

This session is an opportunity for you to get to know us. If you have specific questions bring those to one of our one-on-one sessions with just you and a tutor, or join either an iPhone/iPad user group or an Android user group. These are two hour sessions where you will discover all sorts of neat ways to use your phone or tablet.

Get in touch with our admin, Sheryl, to get signed up for membership and classes. (You need to be a member to access our classes. Annual sub: $25.) Contact Sheryl by email: or by phone: 021 0226 2504

By the way, SeniorNet is a club affiliated with the Federation of SeniorNet Societies of NZ. Our goal is to provide enjoyable learning opportunities for seniors. While you learn all about using technology in your everyday life, you have the opportunity to interact with our patient and kind tutors (who are seniors) and with other seniors attending our classes.

What’s On for Term Two (30 April – 3 July):

Photobooks: Make your own lasting memories of a fabulous trip, family wedding, important birthday or other milestone. A series of two sessions, 30 April and 7 May.

Genealogy: For those who have some familiarity with researching family trees online. 7 May and 22 May.

Beginners Genealogy Group: Learn the basics of online genealogy research. 18 June.

Genealogy Interest Group: Get together with others to unravel the mysteries of your family history and genetics. Two separate sessions – one for Android/Windows users and the other session for Apple users. Both held on 3 July.

Brain Games: We walk the dog and pump iron at the gym. This keeps our body fit but not our brain. Brain games on the phone or computer can keep our neurons firing and our synapses supple. Come along and have some fun while you exercise… your brain.4 June.

Streaming Services: All you wanted to know about streaming services. 22 May.

One-on-One Sessions: Usually four per week on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.