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Try Mike’s tacos today or Mañana

Michael O’Sullivan’s (Mike) business is called Mañana – Spanish word meaning ‘tomorrow’.
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His very wonderfully tasting tacos will certainly bring you back tomorrow. He has derived an excellent recipe and operates locally from BASE Pizzeria during the hours of 11.00am and 3.00pm on Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Mike also goes mobile for special entertainment events and on this occasion, he was offering his tacos to the all-age crowd going to Jon Toogood’s recent concert at the Monkey House.

Mike has three different mainstay tacos – chicken, pork and avocado. His menu also includes a ‘buria’ – a favourite with locals – slow cooked brisket topped with melted cheese and his consume dripping sauce on bread that fried on a flat surface giving it a special texture.

Mike is very appreciative that his business works alongside that of his good friend, Henry Newton who owns The Base Pizzeria in Blacksmith Lane. Both during the day for tacos and burias, and in the evenings at BASE Pizzeria for a wide range of pizzas (also kids menus), there is that very distinct invitation to – ‘take your time and enjoy being in the very relaxed dining atmosphere – reading, conversation and ‘bon appetit’ music. The Informer has noticed that often late in the evening, BASE Pizzeria is open – pizza diners enjoying the opportunity to eat later and in company – something that is common in European culture but not so much in New Zealand.

Check out Mike’s tacos and Henry’s Pizzas at Base Pizzeria – @3/1 Blacksmith Lane, Whitianga.