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Time for a Thai massage

 “My husband and I came together, then we came again,”says Maggie.  “We have been here a year. We come from Taupo; and we loved the move.  Chang Keaw does an amazing job.  I come out with very happy feet. As well as that, I am hosted with ginger tea and the ambience of the tiger balm aroma is so very calming.” Maggie is talking about her experience of massage at Chang Keaw, the new Thai massage business at 58 Albert Street, Whitianga.
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Where the Medical Centre in Albert Street used to be, has been transformed into a spacious Thai massage clinic. It opened on 23rd November, and now with two masseurs, they are open every day!

Geoff and Monny Garrett have been living in Whitianga since August, 2023. They have come from Auckland for a different lifestyle. Monny has 25 years’ experience in massage and her colleague, June, who has recently joined the clinic, comes with 15 years of massage behind her. Both Monny and June originally come from Thailand.

Geoff manages the business and administration side of Chang Keaw, and Monny and June are the skilled masseurs. The brochure at the front desk and online offers a range of massages – Traditional Thai, Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology, Pregnancy, and Hot Stone Back Massage. Their Facebook also outlines a wonderful complimentary offer. The front desk is very welcoming and full of symbolism – beautiful flowers, flowing water over pebbles and a large shiny ornamental elephant. Monny explains the symbolism of the elephant – the most dominant image and Thailand’s offical animal.  “A loose translation of Chang Keaw is ‘glass elephant’. For Thai people, the elephant has a strong and pure heart. The ‘glass’ means being transparent, nothing hidden – always honest.” Monny adds, “This is the way of our business and the way we are with all our customers.  This is the best way to explain our approach and our style.”

Summer hours at Chang Keaw are from 9.00am to 7.30pm.  Geoff, Monny and June are looking forward to meeting you.