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The Warehouse Whitianga turns on solar power

Last Wednesday, 14 February was a little bit brighter across New Zealand  as the first 26 of The Warehouse Group’s stores and sites across the Upper North Island, including The Warehouse Whitianga, are now enjoying the power of the sun.
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This marked the Warehouse Group’s first step in their transition to solar, following the announcement of their agreement with Lodestone Energy, that will see more than 250 sites across Aotearoa New Zealand switch to solar energy plans by the end of 2026.

The Warehouse Group’s Chief Executive Nick Grayston says “Going solar has been an important ambition for us to achieve across our store network.

We estimate that today’s switch will reduce our Scope 2 emissions by at least 808 tonnes of CO2e a year – the equivalent of taking 175 passenger vehicles off the road yearly and steers us towards our goal of zero emissions in our operations by 2040.”

To fuel its 26 sites and stores, The Warehouse Group have tapped into Lodestone’s new 64-hectare Kaitaia solar farm, where they will receive the benefit of 25% of the solar power it generates.

Lodestone Energy’s Managing Director Gary Holden says, “Completing the construction of our Kaitaia farm was a big feat, thanks to Te Rarawa Iwi, the local community, our construction partners, and the wider Lodestone Energy team.”

Lodestone’s Kaitaia solar farm has an AC capacity of 23.7 MW and is expected to produce approximately 55 GWh annually, which is enough energy to power over 7,770* households. (*based on the average annual consumption per household as published by

Editor’s Note:  in a box adjacent to this warehouse press release

This news from The Warehouse was read with disappointment by local solar providers as no local providers or installers could be included in this very significant step for our local Warehouse.

This is because it is a nationally organised grid operation from one solar farm for 26 sites. However, it is a message to our Coromandel Peninsula businesses and homes to see solar energy as part of their near future. There is a lot of sunshine energy to capture and it seems that outlay is becoming more affordable.  We are not in Australia where a rebate is offered to homes when they go solar but please read the Good Energy information on solar installation.