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The kitchen – heart of our home

Mallory and Nic are the new owners of Mastercraft Kitchens in Whitianga, nestled close on South Highway not far from the Moewai Sport Park entrance.
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Previous owner Sandy, new owner Mellory, procurement, Zoe and designer, Joleen

New owner, Nic; previous owner, Tony and production manager, Alan.

“We had other people interested in buying but it was with Mallory and Nic that we felt confident that the business would have the same integrity and the same commitment to quality. We are proud of what we have done for so many peoples homes and we will still be in this area, so it’s important who takes over the reins,” says Carol.

The Informer paid a brief visit and the new owners, previous owners and design and build team spent a few minutes sharing their insights and experience. It was rather a fun experience as customers joined in with their comments while we were there – a very positive atmosphere of welcome and teamwork.

We were able to spend a few minutes with Mallory, Carol, Zoe and Joleen, and Nic and Tony were not far away. The fourth member of the design team, Lauren McIntyre, wasn’t in the day The Informer visited.

What is clear from the start is that these two new owners are not on their own. “How could we feel that?” says Mallory, “With all the help and practical guidance we have had from Tony and Carol and the welcome and support from the staff, it has been a big boost to our confidence.”

“I am still nervous and excited,” says Mallory.

“This is our first business venture together. Nic’s background and expertise is small business and mine is interior design. We are a good team, but the process of taking over a business is not instant. What is so terrific is the help and attention to detail we have received from Tony and Carol and the people who are now our team of designers and builders. They have generously shared their experience and knowledge for us to absorb.

“The other aspect that attracted me to this business is that everything is designed and built here,” says Mallory.

“It starts in the showroom right here on the premises and the work begins in our large workshop also right here. You are part of seeing it go from idea to drawing to procuring to building to installing to finishing touches. Each job is original! This Mastercraft has a good reputation and Carol and Zoe’s designs are right there in the national Mastercraft magazine.”

The team explained how in the showroom, a customer can view a variety of options to get them started and there are a lot of books and magazines people can browse through to assist them with forming up ideas. “People have an idea of what they want to do in the kitchen or how they want to use their kitchen, but they are not always sure if that is achievable,” says Mallory.

Carol adds, “The strongest idea the customer brings is that their current kitchen doesn’t work for them. Then there are the new homes, where you start from scratch and it’s exciting to have a blank sheet to begin with.”

Zoe and Joleen talked about listening carefully to what the client is saying and that means asking them the right questions which help them cover all the bases.

Comments from the staff and owners around the table

“The budget is important to just about every customer. We will guide them through all the material and design choices so they know the costs on every ‘bit and bob’. Then we try to keep under that budget.”

“I know from my own kitchen, how much time I spend in it. Everyone in the house uses the kitchen.”

“It’s the heart of the home. It is the point from which I feed my family. It’s where we gather and in many cases it’s where people work and talk together.”

“Often, it’s where you start your day and finish your day. Visitors will also use a kitchen – they help prepare food or chat with you while you work.”

“The way space is used is very important to all of us here at Mastercraft and one factor about kitchens that has to be creatively considered is how much time and effort our customers will need to put into cleaning.

“We have that in mind for everyone of our customers. We are committed to create a kitchen they will enjoy being in and providing surfaces, the right flow, and easy use of space to minimise cleaning which is a daily aspect for every household.”

“After-care is a big issue. After you have finished a kitchen, there are little things that emerge. They are often niggly things, and we are right here to fix those.”

Two customer added to our conversation.

“I valued the local service very much and I wish I had done something sooner.”

“I got a very good reference from my sister. She built her kitchen 5 years ago and had this niggling issue with her cupboard. She had rung repeatedly to get the company to fix it but nobody came. She decided to go local and Mastercraft came and fixed it.

“There is no way people from Auckland are going to come and fix it even though they built it and installed it.”

Tony reflecting on the seven years, says, “I have loved the team – we have nine staff and it’s been a great experience working with them to create beautiful kitchens. I will miss that but with Mallory and Nic, and this creative and hard-working team, I am confident the tradition of excellent service and quality will continue. “

It’s a good time to plan and build or renovate your kitchen. Get it ready for the summer. If you want, it can be ready by Christmas,” says Mallory and Nic.

“Once the team has done the design and the clients are happy, it is my job to make it happen; I bring it to life.” Alan, Production Manager


Pay a visit to Mastercraft 243 South Highway Whitianga or phone 078664111.