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‘Temporary Tattoos’ help Carys get to Japan

Temporary Tattoos” is her own business. Carys Green is 16 years of age and you will  find her at her business stall at the Whiti Citi Markets in Soldiers Memorial Park, every Saturday in the summer and warmer months.
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Carys is going to Japan as part of a Mercury Bay Area School cultural trip. She is one of a group of students and her big task is to help raise her funds even though she has the full support of her family.

Carys is used to working in the community. Her mother is Eloise Green, the greatly loved, Matilda the Time Travelling Fairy.

At many community events, Carys works with her Mum and younger sister painting the faces of children, blowing huge glistening bubbles, running competitions, to the delight of children of all ages. They are a dynamic wonderful entertainment troupe of three.

Carys does this as a volunteer, but it is her business, Temporary Tattoos, that will earn her some funds to help get her to Japan.

The Informer helped a little by purchasing some tattoos of a beautiful lion image at a very modest price at Carys’ stall. She carefully applied one of the lions to my forearm and I wore it as a piece of art for three days

– very enjoyable and a great talking point.

Carys’ temporary tattoos last for at least three days. After that they just wash off.

Children and adults have a great choice at Carys’ Saturday market stall – cartoon characters, fairies, sparkles, animals, and storyland heroes.

This enterprising, studious young woman values the support of her community. She will be at Whiti Citi Markets every Saturday 8.30am till 1.00pm and at Easter.

Carys is off to Japan with the other MBAS students on 6 April – just a month to go.