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Skin Clinic – new addition to the town

Sarah Smith is a registered nurse. She is opening a skin clinic in Whitianga after owning and running a clinic in New Plymouth. “We got a house sit here for a period and simply could not leave. It’s been a big decision to move, but the girls, 12 and 9 years love it here. I could see there wasn’t a skin clinic in Whitianga. It’s the right time for Renew Lounge to begin here.”
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Sarah’s story

Sarah did beauty therapy training while she was practising nursing.

“I was working for a skin cancer doctor at the time. We were removing skin cancers everyday and you could see how ‘appearance medicine’ was coming into its own.”

She explained how people must get sizeable pieces cut out sometimes and it is very important to restore and even improve that person’s scarred skin.

“I also got to thinking that if we could work with a patient earlier in their life, some of the skin damage could be much more limited,” says Sarah.

After Sarah completed her beauty therapy training, she worked in emergency medicine. When Sarah had her children, she felt that she had a lot more time on her hands which led to her designing her own skin care line.

“Finally, I set up my own practice. Everyone was asking me about their skin.  People asked me about injectables. Of course I do injectables. This is very much a part of ‘appearance medicine.’ I am well trained in this.”

Sarah is very sure to explain that it is a privilege to work with people in helping them look their best, and for the long journey.

“However, people can’t always see their own beauty and they want more.  I think less is more.  The desire to be perfect and never be satisfied is part of the human condition. Clients need to be happy with the way they look – a problem is that sometimes a person can get addicted to keep adding or changing.

‘Less is more’ is the general rule,” explains Sarah.

Sarah encourages her clients to focus on little things.

“I will always love helping them look their best. I am passionate about skin care. It is the skin care – consistent and regular – that helps the most; it’s the key to ageing well. I treat lots of different skin conditions – acne, rosacea (red skin pigmentation), scarring and stretch marks, thinning hair, tension headaches, excessive sweating, fine lines and wrinkles, age related changes due to sun damage.

“This is my passion; I am good at it. I don’t like the term anti-ageing. We are all ageing. Many never have the privilege of ageing. Life can snatch that away.”

Sarah acknowledges that there are clinicians who can do injectables by visiting a community at regular intervals, but she regards it a priority to develop a rapport with clients and get to know them and get to know their skin as well.

“Supporting local people and being part of a local community is important to me and my family.”

Sarah has come to the Coromandel Peninsula to build a fine business as well as a home for her children.

Sarah’s clinic, Renew Lounge, is above Stirling Sports in Albert Street, Whitianga. Her clinic opens  Tuesday, 2 April and will be open Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. Sarah is asking people to make appointments and with that service, her hours can vary for the client.

Renew Lounge Whitianga is on facebook. Email: