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Puneet is Tech Solutions

My first contact with computer and phone sales has been with some fast-talking, long haired young men. A couple of them seemed determined to hurry me out of their premises as clearly I didn’t belong in this hi tech space. I gained the impression that they thought of me as a dinosaur and after fifteen minutes of their time, I was beginning to feel that way myself.
 |  Stan Stewart  |  ,

Puneet is the exact opposite of this stereo type. This quietly spoken young man is here to listen and then politely suggest answers to your enquiries and tech problems. Many seniors and non-technical phone and computer owners have been calmed and then helped by Puneet. Puneet’s journey to Whitianga started from his home in the state of Punjab in India. He came to Auckland where he spent three years working and studying electronics telecommunications – continuing his tech studies in India.

His company, Tech Solutions Ltd sent him to Whitianga six years ago. At first the town seemed quiet, unbearably quiet for Puneet. When the weekend came, he was off to the bright lights (brighter lights) of Auckland. Certainly, it was a long drive, but it was worth it to be in the buzz of the city. That’s changed now. Puneet and his wife and child prefer Whitianga. “This is a good place to live with many friendly people,” he says.


Hi-tech accessories and repairs make up much of his business. Sales of phones and computers are also important. He is not able to keep the big-ticket items in stock but he can obtain most of these on overnight delivery.

This was an eye opener to me. The Informer is dependent on hi-tech equipment and phones. Personally, for many years we have been reliant on Apple products. When we need new equipment, where/how will we get the best deal? Auckland obviously! I now realise we could talk with Puneet and identify the most suitable Apple product or alternative. He also handles Samsung. We could order our Apple product (or Samsung) through him and there would be a delivery the next day. Here’s the kicker – at the same price as the unit is available from an Apple retailer in Auckland. In the past, we have made the long exhausting journey to Auckland, parking, long queues etc. Now I realise we could do it all just around the corner, through Puneet – same price – next day delivery.  And then, when we have a question, we could pop around to Puneet. As I write this I am remembering hours on 0800 numbers waiting for tech support.

If you have a mobile phone or computer, here’s a name you need to remember, Puneet Kumar. Puneet is the Manager/Owner of Tech Solutions, around the corner of Mat’s Café in Lee Street, Whitianga.

Puneet and Tech Solutions Ltd. are making life better for tech-reliant people in Whitianga and district.

Tech Solutions  – Shop 1, 47 Albert St., Whitianga (Next to Mac’s Café)   07 867 1235.