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Ollie – he helps through ‘touch’

Ollie’s (Olivier) Sacault’s birthplace is Tahiti. He arrived in Whitianga in 2013. For several years he worked in various businesses in Whitianga and district – mostly to do with hospitality.
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Ollie Sacault enjoys the success of relieving people’s aches and pains.

His interests have always been in martial arts in which he is very skilled. Through martial arts, Ollie learnt much about how the body works and the interconnectedness of bone, muscle, and sinews. It was soon obvious that he was proficient in massage and deep tissue massage. Friends who were aware of his insight into the working of the body suggested he should set himself up as a massage practitioner.

That was four years ago. Because he is good at what he does, his massage practice, with his focus on relaxation and Reiki has flourished. He cares about his clients and always wants to do more for them.

He started hearing about Contact C.A.R.E and Flinchlock Release. The idea behind this method is that some pain and physical complaints could be linked to muscles which were out of place or locked in unnatural positions. Ollie with his knowledge of the workings of the body was intrigued.

With the support of his wife he decided to take his enquiries further. This led to an introductory course in Ngatea. He consequently committed to a three year course. He is now in his third year of study. Ollie has also begun to practice gentle Contact Care to persons who request it.

Behind the development of Contact Care is an amazing story. A Ngatea farmer Dale Speedy, as well as being a farmer, Dale was a martial arts expert. He studied for eight years Ortho – Bionomy. From this and his own farm experience he came to realise that out-of-line and out-of-place muscle and ligament connections were the cause of many painful difficulties he saw in the animals on his farm. From this insight came a practice of gentle manipulations of pressure points and trigger connections in the animal’s bodies. The results he saw on animals were dramatic and transformational.

Dale believed that this is treatment was something that would help many people. Now, over years of practice, he has seen remarkable results and change in the many people he has treated. This has now led to the Contact Care three-year course that Ollie is undertaking.

Ollie works to continue his studies and it is his intention that Contact Care will continue to be one of the services he offers to his clients. His massage practice will continue as before, but this is something extra he can offer. “My main aim in life,” says Ollie, “Is to help people. I really believe that Contact Care will bring relief and mobility to many people.”

Oliver Sacault – Reikonnect Massage. 021 022 87310. 19 Monk St. Whitianga