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Office lady extraordinaire – We are local and national

I came to Whitianga because Donna loves here and I wanted Donna to work for me. These are the words of Maxine (Max), the owner and founder and remarkable office lady of Mrs Tradie, NZ located in Albert Street, Whitianga. She was speaking about Donna, a specialist in tenders and business designs. 
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“Having the right person to work with is vital,’ adds Maxine.

“We are virtual and we are nationwide. I came here so that I could have the right ladies to do the job.”

But it’s not just the businesses of tradies’ that are transformed by Mrs Tradie, but also Mrs Tradie works for restaurants, farmers, distilleries, real estate agents, property managers, small businesses owners.

“First and foremost, we are the office lady, and we look after your accounting, your operating platforms, your insurances, health and safety, employment contracts,” says Max.

Two key things:

• We are part-time all the time. You don’t have to wait till Monday or Wednesday.

• You get your one Miss Tradie office lady ‘extraordinaire’. We use all the modern technology with all the good old-fashioned services.’

Max talks about the beginnings. “It was at the end of summer 2019. I was aware of how difficult it was for tradespeople to get out their invoices on time and account for everything. One tradie had said to me, “Thanks a million. You have got my shit together.” I knew I could help people on a bigger scale, so I took some pieces of paper to the beach and started writing my vision.

“Then I asked one of my digger drivers if they would let me ‘work for them for free’. I promised him better administration and that his business would grow.” That happened of course!” she smiles.

“We have ladies with Mrs Tradie all over New Zealand and if I need a new tradie lady, I’ll get that person from any place in New Zealand. A priority is to help the self-employed. We started with the tradies – that’s what I knew best, but now it has grown to this giant office lady.  Half our income is from the agricultural sector. This includes people who sell meat to USA, 365 days a year,” continues Max.

There is no job too small for this team. “We created and wrote an itinerary for a guy who was taking his wife on a romantic week away (secret). Maxine is also confident that there is really no job too big. “If people have a group of companies; they ask Mrs Tradie to go in and see where we can create efficiencies; we look at all the bad habits. This can be more important than growth.”

Everyone gets the same experience when they join Mrs Tradie from the sole, self-employed person to the self-employed business person employing 35 people.

Mrs Tradie also works with boards of any size with minutes, meetings, event planning. “We do conferences for companies and we offer specialist advice to see through the bigger jobs. If something happens to someone in the organisation, Mrs Tradie is the back-up – doing all the bits and pieces until something is sorted.”

Maxine is very clear about not looking for that one person with all the skills needed and who knows all of the business programmes to operate. “We are using four different accounting programmes and seven different payroll platforms,” she says. “No one knows all of them.  I look for the communication skills and people skills and then we go from there.  These applications and programmes are not hard if you have the right attitude and application plus the commitment to solve the problem at hand. We do whatever you need and ask, but on top of that, we have got the high tech, and we have the high security.”

Maxine remembers how far she has come. “I was a dairy farmer – a great learning environment and I have had a lot of experience in the building industry.  All those notes I wrote down at the beach – I framed them; they are on my wall plus the first ever invoice I sent out.   

“We have done the preparation to create a platform so we can grow. We are set up for growth which means the growth of everyone with whom we deal, and the key is really our sensational team – collaborative and always learning from each other.”

“First and foremost, we are the office lady, and we look after your accounting, your operating platforms, your insurances, health and safety, employment contracts.”