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‘No room at the Club’, means a new garden club

I moved to New Zealand, October 2023 and moved into my house with a big garden in Tarapatiki Drive, Whitianga three weeks later. I set about creating Annabells B&B. As with most B&B’s, we have beautiful gardens.  Mine was needing a lot of work and I started missing my neighbours and friends back in Melbourne who had beautiful gardens and would encourage me to keep going and swap cuttings and stories to help the garden along.
So, I heard about the garden clubs around Whitianga and Cooks Beach, where I could make friends and gather support as I created beautiful garden beds around my property at Annabells B&B.   I made about 10 phone calls and after several conversations, I was told that all the local Garden Clubs are full and there was ‘no room at the Inn’, so to speak. In the meantime, I organised a street party for my very good neighbours on Tarapatiki Drive in December and met a delightful neighbour, Megan.  Together we started talking about making friends with others who had beautiful gardens and who could inspire us as we both created our gardens from a blank canvas.  Megan and I talked about creating fun monthly meetings.   One month we could have a working bee at a home, another month we could visit a beautiful garden, another month we could have lunch together for a social time.   So, my friends around Centennial Drive, the Ohuka Park Estate and beyond, if there is anyone who would like to join me and Megan Edmeades and be the founding members of the Ohuka Garden Club, please email me on  or  phone me on Ph 02109028855.