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New gym and health club grand opening

The building will one day be mine.” Carly has been saying that since Robyn and Hugh Murdoch were having their ‘Tis The Season’ building purpose built,” says Josh McKee, Carly’s fiance.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

Carly Allen, the proprietor of Infinite Fitness, chimes in. “Robyn was my client at Infinite Fitness at the Rugby Club. I loved the building from the first time I saw it being built, and one day when we were talking, I said,” If ever you leave the building, could you offer it to me.”

Well, that is what happened. When Robyn and Hugh decided to move their business to Cambridge, Carly was the first person they spoke to.

Now, Carly Allen and Josh McKee are opening Infinite Health Club in what used to be ‘Tis The Season’ in Campbell Street, Whitianga.

The Informer was welcomed to a peep at the amazing equipment and the very specifically designed layout in this magnificent space which has taken about six months of very intensive work, sometimes eighteen-hour days, seven days a week.

“We have been keeping up with our day jobs (Carly at Infinite Fitness and Josh at Black River Property Maintenance) and putting every spare moment into our dream.

“We are more than excited,” says Carly.

The two met through a mutual friend and have a commitment to fitness and health as a lifestyle.  Carly has not always been into fitness.  “I wasn’t particularly  physically active in my teens. I hated PE at school but when I about 20,  I got into fitness and I felt so at home that it became what I most wanted to do for other people.”

Josh was always one of those highly active boys.  “I went though a serious knee injury and almost gave fitness away. But I decided to make it a lifestyle, not just fix the knee.  I would laugh if you told me back then that I would be here now,” smiles Josh.

“I love helping people. That’s why I’m in the Fire Brigade. I love helping people get healthy and fit.  Carly has been very inspiring.  Now is a time for both of us to be able to fully put into practice our dream – what we believe in.”

Carly adds, “This is not a phase for us. It is a lifestyle, for the whole of life.”

Both Josh and Carly emphasised to The Informer that it was important for the community to know that this is not only a gymn, but a health club.

“We are about longevity and mental health as well as physical fitness. They are all connected.” smiles Carly.

Infinite Health Club’s (new name) new location is at 11 Campbell street, Whitianga, central to town plus their very own dedicated car park for members.

The new facility features a 24/7 fully equipped gym, the biggest variety of group fitness classes plus a dedicated recovery room with amenities you won’t find anywhere on the Coromandel

From Carly: “The grand open day on Saturday 9 March presents the optimal time to secure a membership for our club as we will have limited memberships available to remain in line with our values of providing a personalised service.

“Along with that, we have very limited memberships for persons under 18 years old and they must undergo a strict approval process.”

“We are beyond excited to get our doors open and welcome you.”