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Matarangi Homes – Local building company adding to Matarangi

Crawford Brown, Mark Hastie and Michelle Fisk are Matarangi Homes – three skilled locals working as a team to make a significant contribution to affordable building for families a reality on the Coromandel Peninsula. They are a new company, but each one of them brings experience in the building industry and they run their business with a very real, straight-shooting approach.
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Crawford has been building locally for over 18 years and is the leader of all things to do with the building. Mark is the Project Manager of each build and takes care of all the liaison with the subcontractors, manages sales and the client’s needs. Michelle ensures all of the client’s selections are followed to the letter, the general accounts, marketing and details re furnishings and décor if required. Soon, Crawford’s daughter, Trinity, will be assisting Michelle and it will become even more of a family team business.

Crawford, having lived and worked on the Peninsula since 2006, knows the value of working locally and using local sub-contractors. “You build relationships, employ people who Iive in the area and the money stays within the community. I live here in Matarangi; the people we build for are part of the same community.”

This young company is not limited to building in Matarangi, having just completed a home in Hahei and commencing a house project in Opito Bay and Hahei. “Our aim is to work in the area from just north of Coromandel through to Cooks Beach and Hahei,” says Mark. “That is enough distance to enable us to sustain efficiency. We focus on contracted new builds, renovations, extensions, decking and fencing”.

Matarangi Homes plans to build 8-10 homes a year. “That’s a good number so as to maintain our quality of build and finish projects on time,” adds Crawford.

“Matarangi has been good to me,” says Crawford. “We are ready to deal with the people who want to buy the sections already available. This is a growing commnity but still has the beach village feel.

What is appealing about Matarangi is that a family can buy a section and working with a company like ours to build a new home, that family can still be within $1m.

Our homes are quality standard and not shoe boxes. We have plans that we can tweak for our clients or we can start with a new plan altogether. We work with a local designer and are realistic with our open book prices – no hidden costs.”

The team believes if they can utilise local ‘subbies’ (subcontractors), this means employment for families and they have built excellent relationships with ‘subbies’ in the area. “If a home is built somewhere else and brought in kit set style, these communities can’t survive,” says Crawford.

“Local engagement, employment, local resources as much as possible, is the key to the growth of a community. We are offering a competitive new build home that offers families more than a transportable option. We take care of everything – we have turnkey prices to give.

“Project managing every build means I sit down with the client and with their designer and go through all the non-negotiables,” says Mark.

“It is vital to keep things simple, transparent and all costs accountable.

This team of four is clear they would not be here today proudly running Matarangi Homes if it was not for their builders, subcontractors and clients. They are here for the long term – a living reality of affordable housing for first time buyers. Contact Michelle to find out more.