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Kids have fun through manufacturing and selling

Over the last three months Rubylee, 9 years, and brother Jayde, almost 8 years, with the help of friends, have been manufacturing and selling jewellery and novelties.
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Jayde, Rubylee and Julie Johnstone.

Funded and assisted by Grandmother Julie Johnstone, they have created their own small business. I stumbled on this enterprise at a Saturday morning Whiti Citi Market where they had a stall. This led to a welcome into their manufacturing space.

It was Gran Julie’s recuperation from lung cancer that is the beginning of this story. She needed something to fill in the long, slow days of recovery. That’s when she discovered Temu.

Temu is an e-commerce company, based in the US that markets online an amazing number and variety of goods from all over the world. You could say they sell everything. Julie ordered sheets of bright coloured items which, when joined to other Temu items, could be made into jewellery.

Rubylee and Jayde were immediately hooked. They started putting together the sparkling bits to make bright and beautiful jewellery, necklaces, bangles, broaches, clothing and shoe decorations and so on.

Their manufacturing sessions would go on for hours. The enthusiasm was infectious. Nana (grandmother 2), Krystal, Shania and other friends lent a hand. On one occasion the manufacturing proceeded on the floor of the church. In this way, with the help of all these people, the stockpile of product grew.

The next step was selling. This involved deciding on a fair price and facing the public. For the youngsters, this has also been a crash course in handling money, bargaining and making change. From designing, manufacturing and selling, they have learnt so much.

“It’s been a wonderful adventure for all of us,” Julie says. “Who would have thought that such a time of family fun and sharing with friends would have come from my time of convalescence”?

Like to know more: Julie Johnstone 027 2106302.