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It’s all here in Whitianga

The night at the Basker Restaurant last Sunday with a fashion show and meal was for me seeing three generations in action. I share a little story about three genrations involved in cancer support in Mercury Bay.
 |  Jenny Edwards  | 

Daisy Calder, chef and manager at Basker.

There was a very generous and community minded grandmother. Her name was Val Barber. She was a great worker and wonderful woman supporting the Cancer Support Trust, particularly in the bookshop in Blacksmith Lane. Often her granddaughter, Daisy, would be with her helping her grandmother sell the books.  Sometimes Daisy would give her pocket money to support this cause her grandmother believed in very much.  Daisy’s Mother, Bev, would help too.

A few years have passed by. Val Barber has died. Her granddaughter, Daisy is the Chef and Manager of Basker Restaurant and Bar and last Sunday night lead a great hospitality team with generous, efficient service and excellent food for 80 plus women.

Her mother Bev Calder, who owns The Fig Cafe in Albert Street, was there to support and lend a hand. Bev and Daisy are all still involved supporting the work of the Mercury Bay Community Support Trust and the Sunday night’s fund raiser at Basker was an example.

The night was a tribute to all the volunteers and our valued community.

We thank them for their support and it is so heart warming to know of these three generations in action.

In the come of age. We have come so far since our beginning in 1988. We have 40 women on the roster in the bookshop who are all avid readers and avid supporters of the work of the Cancer Support Trust.

Jenny Edwards was the founding leader of the Mercury Bay Cancer Support Trust and is still very involved.