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Introducing Mischa, staging entrepreneur

Mischa Evanson is a very busy and competent young woman. She copes very well with two management roles – Peninsula Party Hire, where she is quite involved in the running of the business, and her new and exciting business – ‘Rooms, Home Staging’.
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The latter role is a big step but something Mischa has been seeking for long time.

“Ever since I can remember, I have always loved interior design. Reworking a space to make it more beautiful and spacious was something I would do confidently for fun and for a challenge. It has become a passion for me.

One day I saw that ‘Rooms Home Staging’ was up for sale. I said out loud, ‘That sounds like a business I really want to do.’ So, I jumped on it and now I am the owner of a business.

“I have enough furniture to stage six homes. It is all kept in storage, and it is so well set up. There is a lot of storage available for me to be able to procure more staging items. I am keen to build up the range I have and buy more.”

Mischa has grown up in this area. A real local with understanding of the variety of homes on the Peninsula and what works best to stage them for sale.

“Sarah and Randi, the previous owners, have helped me a lot with the handover,” says Mischa. “I am also studying a Diploma Course through the Interior Design Institute and will then do a specialty course in home staging. This is a long-term commitment for me.”

Recently I have helped renovate our family home and rental cottage. I was given free rein to redecorate and furnish both properties. This was a hit and the feedback has been fantastic.

“I plan to service all of the Coromandel Peninsula. I have the resources and ability to move furniture quickly and efficiently”.

Rooms Home Staging offers the following services. Full or partial Home Staging to best present houses for sale. Styling for air B and B properties and assisting clients to furnish their own homes.

“Not everyone knows exactly what they want or have the time and energy to do it well. I am excited to grow my business.”

Mischa – Ph: 0273246018