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From Italy to Whitianga with financial services – Returning home

Giorma Allemano is a Financial Advisor living on the Coromandel Peninsula. Whitianga is the place where he wanted to return for his life and work and that is what has happened.
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Giorma Allemano.

Giorma’s family emigrated to New Zealand from Italy in 1995 and came to Whitianga. “I was four,” says Giorma.

“I went to the kindergarten in Eyre Street and then to Mercury Bay Area School. It was like living in a paradise.

I moved away for University and gained my Masters Degree in Business at Massey University. My work took me to Melbourne and then Italy, but now I am able to live here again as I work remotely.”

Giorma is very enthusiastic about his work. “As a Financial Advisor, my job is to help people make financially beneficial choices when it comes to mortgages, asset loans and KiwiSaver. With asset loans and mortgages, I prepare and structure the loan for my client in a way that enables them to pay it off as as quickly as possible and reduce their overall interest.

“Sometimes it’s as simple as arranging a cash-back for clients even just on a refix, which most people are unaware, is available. I also take care of dealing with the bank and will approach the one offering the best deal for my client.”

The other aspect of Giorma’s job is KiwiSaver. “Most people have it and yet many people are unsure of where their KiwiSaver is or how it is set up,” says Giorma.

“An incorrectly set-up KiwiSaver compared to a correctly set-up account with a recommended provider can easily mean hundreds of thousands of dollars difference, especially for younger people.

“I recently helped a family set up their KiwiSaver and that of their four-month-old. The mother thought it was a great idea to give the grandparents the account number for Christmas and birthday presents. So many people either do not take advantage of KiwiSaver or don’t see that they can noticeably improve its growth by speaking to an advisor.

“The awesome part of my service is that in one session I can help people get the most out of a long-term investment that, if done correctly, can really make a difference to their first home purchase and retirement. The service is free to clients as the bank pays the advisor fee which is why people should make the most of it. Speaking with a financial advisor is an easy way to ensure your money is working smarter.”

Giorma explained that it has been great to have had a number of businesses in town arrange for him to go in on a quiet day and help their staff with their KiwiSaver.

He has connected with accountants in the area so that they can inform their clients about what financial advice could benefit them and whom to contact.

In his spare time, Giorma enjoys football, fishing, surf and playing chess.

All of these he can do easily in Mercury Bay. He still believes it is a paradise.

If anyone is interested in knowing more about these financial services Giorma offers, contact him on 021 0351213 or

“I also take care of dealing with the bank and will approach the one offering the best deal for my client.”