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Coro Club – good food at Coromandel Peninsula’s only airfield café

Coro Club is a café unlike any other in the Coromandel Peninsula. Based at the Whitianga Aerodrome, it’s the only cafe in the region where you can watch planes take off and land right before your eyes while you dine and if you like, enjoy a glass of wine.
 |  Pauline Stewart  | 

“State Highway 25a reopening early was fantastic, and the fine weather conditions this summer saw lots of aircraft landing in Whitianga as well as many locals coming to enjoy the sunshine of the deck area while eating lunch and catching up with friends.

In addition to the variety of baked and prepared in-house meal, savouries, speciality sandwiches and pastries, Nick also backs his Swedish heritage. He is continuing to introduce Scandinavian dishes to the menu. Dishes like the Swedish Toast Skagen (Prawn Salad) are now firm favourites for regulars.

“It’s awesome seeing people take a chance on new flavours and then end up loving them. I was unsure at first, but I think Whitianga is starting to get a taste for Scandi-inspired food.”

While the café is situated in the old Mercury Bay Aero Club’s clubhouse, you don’t need to be a member to visit Coro Club. Now that Summer has come to an end, the cafe is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

“We know it’s been tough out there for everyone, us included, so we’re grateful for everyone that comes through the doors. You keep us doing what we love, serving up delicious food and coffee and wine while you watch the aeroplanes.”