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Chef Nee at MBC Cafe

Mercury Bay Club Restaurant has a very excellent chef in Niraj Kumar, affectionately called Nee by everyone who visits the Mercury Bay Club. 
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He and his wife Praveena have brought to the many diners who frequent the restaurant a different style of menu, some dishes  with the taste of Asia  as well as serving excellent classical kiwi classical dishes.

Here they had just served three hundred meals as part of the PlaceMakers ONE Base fishing tournament prize-giving last week.

Large numbers are no trouble to Nee and Praveena but they really enjoy preparing the meals off te menu for the more personalised table order.   

Nee and his café are open all week and welcome visitors and regular diners every day.

Please check out the Kitchen Calendar, p4, for Mercury Bay Restaurant.

Nee and Praveena, right, and their staff dishing up a great roast dinner for the PlaceMakers ONE Base fishing tournament.