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Bright spark works globally from Whitianga

In an age where technology and the internet have bridged distances, Whitianga has emerged as a hub of global connectivity.
 |  Stan Stewart  | 

Gone are the days when local employment was confined to traditional sectors like fishing, farming, or hospitality. Today, locals can collaborate with teams across the globe, from Auckland to Dunedin and beyond, to international places like Germany, all from the comfort of this picturesque town.

Ethan Lessiter stands at the forefront of this modern work revolution. With his company, LFM Audio, rooted in Whitianga, with extensions in Europe, Ethan demonstrates that all you need is a mobile internet connection to make the world your office/studio.

Whether he’s working from the studio in Whitianga, a café, the beachside, or any spot that sparks his creativity, his MacBook is his gateway to clients in Europe, the USA, South America, and Oceania.

Collaboration across continents is seamless for Ethan and his team, thanks to digital communication tools.

“Even though we’re spread out across the globe, it almost feels like we’re working in the same studio,” Ethan shares, highlighting the close-knit operation with LFM Audio’s Senior Producer Igor in Europe.

Ethan’s journey into the world of innovation began early. A Whitianga local since age three and a Mercury Bay Area School student, Ethan was always the one to think differently, constantly dreaming up new ideas.

His ambition to create a radio station became a reality even before he hit his teens.

With encouragement from his grandmother, Mavis Lessiter, who raised him, Ethan developed a business plan, saved money from a paper round, and garnered support from local businesses. His vision materialised into LFM 88.2 and 107.4, Whitianga’s first Mainstream Top 40 radio station, a project that allowed him to involve other students as announcers. The radio station is still broadcasting to this day – give it a listen!

Today, his company, LFM Audio, specialises in creating Radio Imaging, Audio Ads, and Sung Jingles, using singers and voices from Whitianga and worldwide.

The audio clips created play between the songs on the radio and provide each radio station with a distinct identity that instantly familiarises listeners with the station’s personality.

Ethan reflects on his career with satisfaction, cherishing the work-life balance it offers.

“I love my job and what I do. For anyone dreaming of starting their venture and who is passionate about that industry, my advice is to go for it,” he encourages.

As Ethan Lessiter continues to innovate from Whitianga, he stands as a testament to the limitless possibilities the digital age offers, proving that even the smallest towns can have a global impact.