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Best time to invest in solar energy at home

Many of the banks are now offering low interest rate loans to bankroll the investment in solar energy on your home. Westpac, ANZ, BNZ, ASB and Kiwibank all have finance packages starting from 0% interest.
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To take advantage of this you need to supply a valid quote from your chosen solar specialist. Your solar installer can supply the documentation required to support your finance application provided they are a current SEANZ member. We recommend using a local provider who can offer you ongoing support and service.

Choosing the right solar energy system

This worthwhile investment does require understanding the differences between solar energy systems and what they offer is not only important, but essential.

Here is some insight into the types of solar energy systems on offer and what they could mean for your home.

Three types of grid-connected residential solar systems – Each offering a slightly different solution. Not all of them may be the right solution for your household.

A standard grid connected system will generate solar energy during the day and feed that energy into your home to be consumed. Any excess energy generated is exported to the grid for credits against your power account. In a single-phase application this means your power bill will go down as you will use less energy from the grid. There are two options for this standard system.

First option – String system – where all of the solar modules are electrically wired together and connected to one centralised solar inverter. This type of system is ideal for properties with no shading issues and either a north facing roof or an east/west orientation.

Second option – Micro Inverter System – where each solar modules has a micro inverter mounted beneath it allowing the module to perform independently. This type of system should be considered if your rooftop has shading issues or has multiple roof faces. As each solar module works independently you can make the most of your roof area regardless of orientation.

The third system option is a HYBRID system which includes a lithium storage battery.

This type of system utilises a Hybrid Solar Inverter that allows you to store excess solar energy in a battery bank releasing it into your home for use on demand and during the evening in ‘self-consumption mode’.  Many of these systems also have the ability to offer backup support to essential circuits in a network power outage.

A hybrid system requires enough solar generation to supply the household loads and fully charge the battery bank, therefore this type of system will normally have a larger solar array.

If you require a solar consultation, quote or further information your Whitianga based solar specialists GOOD ENERGY are here to help. Give us call on 021606835 or go to our website and send us an enquiry.