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A new partnership on the Peninsula with Elite Blinds and Curtain Clinic

Two companies have joined to extend their services across the whole of the Coromandel Peninsula.  It is a natural union, as they have in a sense already been working together. When people want blinds installed, they are often looking for curtains to be hung as well. When people need to have their drapes cleaned, they often want their curtains cleaned. 
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Curtain Clinic and Elite Blinds working together across the Coromandel Peninsula. “We love what we do !!  You will too!!”

Meet Scott and Tina who are Elite Blinds who bring over 12 years of experience in cleaning and installation of all types of blinds.

“Wherever there are blinds, we are happy to service you,” says Scott.

“Our Whitianga agents are available to help with taking down and reinstalling if your live in the Coromandel, Mercury Bay area, and our Waihi based team look after Pauanui, Whangamata and Thames. This way we can provide efficient service and people don’t have to wait a long time.

Tina and Scott wanted people to know that their cleaning process uses non-corrosive products, certified safe for food areas and the home environment.  Pure water is used to eliminate water spotting, so the blinds they blinds look like new on their return.

“Hot dry weather, dust and dirt, constant exposure to sunlight, all slowly damage blinds and cords and other moving components can fail,” says Scott. “Let our Blind Technician inspect them for you, and if we can get them working again, we will.  If it is time to say goodbye to that old, tired blind, we can quote for quality new blinds sourced from NZ manufacturers.”

Curtain Clinic owner and Managing Director, Angela, grew up in Thames, so is passionate now about extending Curtain Clinic’s 30-year (Takanini-based) service to the Coromandel.  This is now possible with the professional and customer service ethic offered through Whitianga-based agents, Rob and Elaine.

Elaine spoke to The Informer about the new team. “When we started to do the curtains, people would ask, ‘Do you do blinds as well and when Tina and Scott were doing blinds, they would be asked, ‘Do you do curtains?” This is a natural partnership. We can coordinate with each other and can help save time and costs when sometimes both drapes and curtains.

The Informer talked to a client in Hahei who is a designer herself and who had engaged Curtain Clinic. “First of all, a beautiful job of cleaning the drapes. We had a lot and we were not always ready. They have been patient and understanding and as well as doing a beautiful job cleaning and restoring our drapes, they have been able to put in the detail and fittings for us to use the velcro for placing blackout drapes when we are away to protect during long periods of sunlight. Everything has been done so meticulously.”

Elaine began her work professionally making curtains after always doing her own drapes from scratch. “One day I took some drapes to Curtain Clinic and I realized talking to Angela the owner and manager, that we just had the same passion for getting things right and would work well together.

Angela was very confident in saying “We will transform your curtains and fabric Roman blinds to almost like new again plus minor repairs, and we are specialists in removing mould and mildew. Curtains and Roman blinds go through a unique cold-water saturation process and then drip-dry.  We use absolutely no heat, and no agitation throughout the process. “

Both Elite Blinds and Curtain Clinic will co-ordinate with each other to Pickup/delivery/takedown and reinstall.

Two dedicated teams are available to achieve excellence in results, in service, and of course, customer satisfaction.

Curtain Clinic – Ph 0800-477-478

Elite Blinds – Ph 021 075 5675