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Stolen and fleeced – Part Two

So how do I start to recover the $50,000 I had lost? (last week’s issue The Informer).
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Stolen and fleeced


An advert on Facebook states ‘Invest $xxxx and I will manage your crypto investment. You can start with $200 US.’

Again, I start to research the person. She was based in the UK, had been an investment consultant for many years, self-employed and runs her own investment company.

She would carry out day trading. I would have full access to a web page showing the amount she had invested and any profit (if there was any). This time I will be more careful. She offered three packages $200, $500, $1000 USD and the investment would be compounded each day, and her take will be 10% of the final gross figure. She will not allow the package to exceed $5000 as this could be risky for her client.

This seems okay, so I invested $500. I log into the web page each day and sure enough it grows slowly to start with and then it really takes off. It reaches about $4800, and she suggests I withdraw and start again, because she doesn’t want to put me at too great a risk.

I start the withdrawal procedure and it wants me to buy a token. The token costs $1500 and will be refunded after the withdrawal process has completed. I buy the token. I receive the token and enter the nine-digit number. The withdrawal process starts. About an hour later, she sends me an email thanking me and letting me know she has received her 10%. I wait for mine to arrive and wait and wait. I contact her and she says she will check. I contact the web company and they say it’s still processing. And I wait and wait. I suspect nothing will ever appear. It was $500 plus $1500 US for the token this time !!!


This was slightly different as I was recommended this by someone local who said it had been successful for them.

The idea was that hotels want a good five-star rating and are prepared to pay people small amounts of money to rate their hotels. You needed $100 US to start.

So, I invested $100 US and started. I had to rate 35 hotels before I could claim my profit.

I realised that each hotel cost a small amount of coins and then showed a profit. The idea being that you would get your stake back plus any profit at the end of the 35 hotels.

After eight hotels, the stake ran out. I checked with the other person and they said, ‘Yes, this will happen, but the profit was starting to grow so add to the stake money.’

The costs of each hotel was now getting more expensive and each time the stake money ran out, they took the money for the next hotel, so I had a negative figure that had to be cleared before I could go any further.

The stake had to be increased by $100 plus the negative amount. The negative amount increased each time from $80 to $180 to $400 and then it jumped to $1200 and next it was over $3000.

What does this mean? Well, I still have 15 hotels to go; I can’t afford the $3000 and to date they have $2250 US of my stake money. I can’t go any further and I can’t recover my stake.

I believe this is deliberate; forcing people to drop out before they reach the end and lose their stake money. I feel fleeced!!

The author is still working with the police and their bank. If you have any similar stories, the author would encourage you to file a police report. If you are embarrassed about what you have done but would like to vent or discuss it, the author can be contacted through The Informer.