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Responsible budget and welcome tax package

The Government is set to deliver its Budget on 30 May, which will outline our priorities as we get the country back on track.
 |  Scott Simpson  | 

No doubt we’ll see a sensible approach taken to get the books back in order, stop wasteful spending, and prioritise funding for frontline services. It’s always important to remember that every dollar we take from a taxpayer is a dollar that needs to be spent with care.

While most of the funding announcements will be made on Budget Day, Finance Minister Nicola Willis has confirmed that we’re delivering an affordable and responsible tax package to hard-pressed families.

In my opinion, this will be welcomed by households across the country, because it’s been 14 years since income tax thresholds have been adjusted. That’s far too long, particularly when inflation has driven the prices of everyday goods and services higher.

Exact details will be announced soon, but the changes we’re making will increase the take-home income of 83 percent of New Zealanders 15 and over and 94 percent of households. This is possible through a combination of prudent fiscal management and reprioritising spending to core, frontline services.

Locally, it was great to see Cathedral Cove named as one of the top 50 beaches in the world. While many beaches around the Peninsula could easily lay claim to being the best in the world, this is terrific recognition for Cathedral Cove. It should serve as a jumpstart to DOC to get on with restoring full access to this iconic destination, especially now that they have presented three potential options.

After nearly a year and a half of the local community and media pushing DOC for a solution, local businesses and potential tourists just want to know when Cathedral Cove will be fully reopened. While a long-term solution would be great, exploring that option shouldn’t stand in the way of a quicker solution.