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Author: Warren Maher

Long Term Plan Four main submission areas

We have had about 2,000 submissions with 156 people indicating they wished to be heard. Contrary to the opinion of some, your submissions are heard and will be considered in the deliberations. It is a tough balance to keep the rates rise as low as possible recognising the current cost of living pressures, while also committing to levels of service under inflation pressures, plus the ever-increasing challenges in the biosecurity and biodiversity spaces. The feedback on the five main submission topics now drops to four with the imminent closure of the economic development agency Te Waka. This...

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Coromandel community unites for sustainable fisheries: A call to action

Warren Maher, Tairua-Pauanui Sports Fishing Club spokesperson While I am not endorsing this behaviour, it is another example of Coromandel residents working together to protect our fisheries and little slice of paradise. Over the years, significant community effort has been invested into protecting scallops, pink maomao and various other fin-fish. This commitment by the community has undoubtedly contributed to protecting the marine environment and sea life around the Coromandel. Without this proactive engagement we may not have the same fishery we enjoy today. For example, in 2020 the Tairua-Pauanui...

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Getting it right – long term plans for the Coromandel Peninsula

In early April we release our Long Term Plan; where we set out what we’re going to do, the money we’re going to spend to do it and the impact this will have on rates. The LTP is reviewed every three years, guided by our strategic direction and the feedback we receive through public consultation. The Waikato Regional Council is responsible for flood management and land drainage assets with a replacement value of $1.12 billion. These include 471 floodgates, 119 pump stations, 617 kilometres of stop banks and 456 river management and catchment management assets (dams, bridges, culverts, fences,...

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