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Author: Verna Carr

Fishing for Sport

Yes, chasing the big fish is fun and exciting, man against beast, coming home the conquering heroes with a good story to tell, plus the added incentive of big prize money and a trophy to brag about. How many more of these noble fish have to die so those with bloodlust can have their fun? These fishermen are not paddling their canoes out to catch fish for the tribe or as recreational fishermen feeding their families. No, those taking part in the Annual Kubota Billfish Classic arrive en-masse with boats equipped with sophisticated tracking and navigation equipment with the sole purpose of hunting...

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Kaumata/seniors morning tea and community conversation

Dan Asquith, Mel Asquith, and Lorraine MacAllister, all professionals from The Mercury Bay Medical Centre, realised that 30% of the Whitianga population was made up of older community members, some of whom struggle with daily life and feel unsupported and/or isolated. A review panel was formed to discuss the dynamics of ageing well and what this entails.  The matters they considered were health and well-being, physical support, welfare, and social connections; what resources and support networks are available for the physical, mental, and emotional needs of elderly people? Where are these resources,...

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Off to Whiti Citi Market is a must!

You will meet a host of vendors – local growers, craftspeople, artists, mobile chefs and small businesses. Whiti Citi Market is flourishing and is a popular destination for both locals and visitors who appreciate not just the excellent shopping on offer but also the market’s relaxed and friendly atmosphere. It is such a great way to spend your Saturday morning – meeting friends, having a coffee, listening to live music performed by Dave Kennedy, and browsing the delights of the stalls. The foodies will enjoy the Dutch pancakes, the mussel fritters, and a sausage or two from the sausage sizzle...

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