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Author: Tony Stickley

Flying Israeli flag causes controversy

The 68-year-old former soldier has hoisted dozens of ensigns from different countries up the flagpole outside his house in Albert Street over the years, including the Palestinians’. But after what he describes as the “orgy of evil” carried out by Hamas terrorists three months ago on Israeli territory, there is now only one flag allowed to flutter in the breeze. “What we are doing is showing support for Israel because we don’t think that they are getting a lot of support from around the world,” said Garth, his wife Marilyn sitting by his side. When the couple talk about support, this is not...

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Mystery of the CCTV camera

For many years the junction has been notorious for boy racers doing donuts and burn-outs late at night, traumatising the neighbourhood with loud engine revving and the smell of burning rubber and smoke. It is just a miracle that no-one was killed.” Over the past four or five weeks the Informer has sent a number of emails to various organisations with photographs asking if they had installed the camera and why, but all have said it was nothing to do with them. Ironically, since the camera was surreptitiously installed just before Christmas, the incidence of anti-social vehicular behaviour...

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