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Author: Stan Stewart

Living in paradise, why think about a concentration camp?

I have been thinking about an Auschwitz Concentration camp story. It is a true story written by Viktor Frankl, one of the most influential psychotheraptists of the 20th century. I think about it when I sit on the Whitianga wharf, when I stroll the beaches at sunset, when I lay awake in my comfortable bed. Why? In this wonderful environment with so many friendly people there is so much to enjoy. Why spend any time or energy thinking about one of the most horrible episodes of human history. It’s because of my need to find meaning in my life ‘now’. Frankl titled his book “Man’s Search for Meaning’. The...

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A challenging time for Whitianga Continuing Care

Six of the 44 residents in this aged care residential facility died, during an outbreak of the flu like symptoms in this brief period of time. It was not covid. Every resident with the flu symptoms was tested and all the tests were negative. The property is owned and operated by Oceania Healthcare. There are 44 Oceania Homes of this kind across New Zealand and this very sad turn of events has not occurred in any of their other facilities. The Informer contacted their Group General Manager Sales and Service, Anita Hawthorne. “We are very relieved and satisfied that the facility is now all clear,...

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To which poor nation, tribe or country would you give $NZ386 million? Tricky!

The project was conceived by Harry Belafonte and driven by Lionel Ritchie. I watched video documentary of the recording. It was mind blowing. The recording took place in Los Angeles (LA) following the American Music Awards night which brought the music stars together in LA.  The session started after midnight on January 28, 1985 and went on until 8.00am. It seemed impossible to form a choir of superstars and enormous egos but they pulled it off. Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers, Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Willie Nelson,...

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Blueberries for Health: The tastiest one’s are grown in Coroglen

I normally buy them at a supermarket. The problem is they are always sour! Yuk – teeth on edge! But, that all changed when I met Wendy Sherriff on a stall at the Whitianga Saturday Morning Market. Seeing the blueberries piled up in plastic containers I asked could I taste a couple. Eureka! They were sweet. My mouth could hardly believe it. Their appearance was exactly the same as the supermarket product but their taste was sublimely different. I have since asked Wendy why this was so? She doesn’t know why. “We just grow them,” she says. Did Wendy and Kelly add some sweetener in the soil or...

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Puneet is Tech Solutions

Puneet is the exact opposite of this stereo type. This quietly spoken young man is here to listen and then politely suggest answers to your enquiries and tech problems. Many seniors and non-technical phone and computer owners have been calmed and then helped by Puneet. Puneet’s journey to Whitianga started from his home in the state of Punjab in India. He came to Auckland where he spent three years working and studying electronics telecommunications – continuing his tech studies in India. His company, Tech Solutions Ltd sent him to Whitianga six years ago. At first the town seemed quiet,...

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Three Hotels In Three Cities

The first two days were interesting in more ways than one. We were not badgered by souvenir sellers. In fact, when I visited a large store, I could not find any staff to serve me. Later our guide told me, ‘They were hiding. They can’t speak English and were frightened you might try and talk to them.” The biggest surprise came on the last day. As instructed, we brought our bags to the foyer of the hotel. We were to be taken on a six-hour tour. The miniature tape recorder I had purchased was still in its box and in plain view on top of my suitcase. I asked the concierge if my bag and my precious...

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Heavy, solid shoe boxes

Somewhere, I’m not sure where, there is a heavy shoebox I carefully packed some years ago. I’m not keen to find it as I don’t want to open it. The shoe box is full of rectangular yellow boxes of colour slides. Forty years ago, they were my treasure. I still value the images. It’s the hassle of viewing them that discourages me. Back then, taking a pic was only the beginning. Then to the Chemist or Kodak shop and waiting 7 to 10 days. It was easy to sort the duds by holding the pics up to the light. But to really view the slides, a slide projector was needed. I know these slides will bring...

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You beauty – glass bottom boat cruise

The Launch was full, fourteen people. The young crew were friendly and professional. Apart from us our companions were tourists. The seas were calm, and expectations were high. We were not disappointed. From the water, the rocks and the cliffs are awe-inspiring. Add in the history narration and there’s a lot of it – Captain Cook’s visit 1769, being a New Zealand milestone. The beaches and the costal settlements look romantic from the water; hidden beaches seldom visited, amazing, inspiring sheer rock faces, caves small and huge.   And then there was the fabled...

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Connected by search for meaning – Viktor and Stan

The book has many reviews and this is the most recent to come my way. The book has never been out of print. It has sold over seven million copies. It is in stock now at Whitianga Paper Plus). In 1970, I was a Minister in an outer suburb parish in Melbourne, Australia. Reluctantly at first, I read this slim book on the Holocaust, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’. It knocked me off my perch. It shook me up. One sixty-page chapter challenged me, amazed me and shone a light deep into my soul. I wanted everyone to read this book. I purchased five copies of the book and raved about the book...

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