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Author: Simon Rawlinson

Thank you from the Boating Club

A big thank you from Mercury Bay Boating Club for the ongoing and vocal support of our community in Whitianga. Over the last two weeks the Mercury Bay Community Board hosted 2 public drop in sessions to gauge local opinion on the Club’s proposal to relocate to Dundas St. While the first session in the Community Board Room was heated and divided, the second, at Saturday Market, showed just how much our Community supports the Boat Club. Boating and sailing are very much part of the fabric of our society in Whitianga. They contribute significantly to our cultural identity. Who doesn’t love seeing...

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What needs to happen for Mercury Bay Boating Club

Two huge semi-trailers put the boating club up on stilts late January 2023. Contrary to claims, this is not a case of the club being blocked by Council or Iwi or Regional Council at Buffalo Beach. They have all been nothing but supportive and willing to engage. There are however larger factors at play, including heritage and environmental issues which are outside our control. On top of that, the club would be faced with reinstatement in what is a vulnerable area with no recourse to further building insurance. As it stands, the club is simply doing what it promised it would when permission...

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