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Author: Rose Barrett

Reiterating in a different way was what I was trying to say

It would appear that both your paper and Alan Hopping have totally missed the point of my letter published in last week’s The Informer.  And before I go any further, is it usual to have the response to a letter BEFORE the letter itself, thereby influencing people’s opinions? The title of my letter was a very neutral ‘Last Week’s Headline’. I shall reiterate in a different way what I was trying to say.  Yes, we really need to market Whitianga to attract more visitors, especially in wintertime.  But you cannot do so in a such a misleading way as suggested by Alan Hopping.  Imagine a bus load...

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Lost Spring – is it like Hanmer Springs?

Whilst a discussion about how to market our lovely town and the Coromandel is welcome, I think the ‘sign’ that appeared on your front page would be grossly misleading. Visitors would picture steam erupting from the ground everywhere like in Rotorua, or a hot water beach to dig wallowing holes on.  The reality would be disappointing to many which would have a negative impact on what you are aiming to be achieved. With due respect, Mr Hopping, your submission is totally flawed.  To quote from Hanmer Spring’s webpage …. “We are the best place to act like a kid, with an activity pool, lap...

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