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Author: Rob Barnes


I came close to buying one last year, but my research and consultation with friends who had bought one, suggested I wait. Below is a report from Consumer reports. It had a bearing on what vehicle I drive for now despite the hysteria on EV’S Updated on: December 8, 2023 / 5:38 PM EST / MoneyWatch     By Aimee Picchi Electric vehicles have nearly 80% more problems and are generally less reliable than cars propelled by conventional internal combustion engines, according to a new report from Consumer Reports. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) have an even worse scorecard, with an average...

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On a whim, driven by the worlds obsessed media for electric vehicles, he bought one. The fad lasted but 6 months before he sold it. He gave some interesting reasons 1. The battery was HUGE and covered in plastic. Plastic is a by-product of oil, so to produce the battery cover we had to drill for oil 2. The battery is driven by Lithium which has to be mined, thus digging once again into Mamma Earth. The Greens wouldn’t allow mining, but we are happy to bring it in from China, Zimbabwe, Canada, Australia or other countries, some of which employ child labour. 3. The battery has to be charged....

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