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Author: Reihana Robinson

Wargames and unjust media coverage

Well it’s interesting to see that press releases just get printed word for word from the Defence Force but the release from local people doesn’t get a mention. What a pity mainstream media stick to the mainstream. Here was an opportunity for mainstream media to publish the voice of the people. A lost opportunity but thankfully we have a paper based in Whitianga (The Informer) which does actually publish what the locals have to say about such wargames.

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Building peace, not monuments

As I understand it when the soldiers returned from the First World War, they were asked by the government how they wanted the horror to be commemorated? They said they wanted libraries so young people could be educated and learn about other people and how alike we all are so that sons and daughters do not blindly follow military leaders, and never have to go to war again. Sadly, the government didn’t listen and chose instead to build stone monuments in towns throughout the country. Twenty-one years later the Second World War killed millions…one of our allies – Russia, sacrificed 26 million...

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