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Author: Phillip Clow

Bottom trawling misunderstanding

Warren Maher who I think is a good bloke, is also a keen fisher who by the sounds of it is not happy with his, or his associate’s fishing experiences and quickly blames the quota management system along with destructive fishing methods. Concentrating on bottom trawl and Danish seine. In reply to a similar article in this paper about “sediment plumes”, “re suspension of sediments” and basically digging up the oceans seafloor with bottom trawl and seine gear, I pointed out then that this gear skims the sea bed, it doesn’t plough it, the storms do that and proof of that is the good fishing after...

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Contradicting Shaun Lee’s Billfish Assertions

While we are aware that you have withdrawn the opinion piece from Shaun Lee, which expressed his concern about “a dramatic reduction in commercial swordfish landings during the last ten years,” I set out some facts which contradict his assertions. Shaun suggested that the reduction in landings was likely caused by a change in population, fishing gear or misreporting of catch. In fact, there are several reasons for a reduction in the NZ commercial swordfish catch over the last ten years which aren’t related to the above.The primary one is reduced commercial fishing activity targeting this species. The...

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In support of commercial fishing – stating the case

The recent coverage of topics on trawl corridors and bottom trawling has been considerable and the view of the commercial fishing industry of which I am a part, needs to be heard. I started commercial fishing in 1976 in Whitianga and have recently retired from active commercial skippering of our 17-metre commercial bottom longliner. This vessel is operating on the northeast, and west coast of the North Island. I am also currently president of the Whitianga and Coromandel Peninsula Commercial Fishermen’s Association. I was also on the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Spatial Plan stakeholder...

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