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Author: Peter H. Wood

We are all equal

If we are equal, then any person who is aNZ citizen can stand for Council seats, ( or parliament). So why should Maori be given special rights over the rest? That is apartheid which I thought NZ was against. Our leaders do not have a god-given right to decide for us because of accident of birth. Kings and chiefs are an anachronism. We have a democracy now. The TCDC and WRC have both avoided public consultation when implementing race-based Councillors. Since when were’Maori Issues’ different to New Zealanders’ issues when it comes to what we spend our rates and taxpayers’ contributions. If we...

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Noise Pollution is Regulated

If the machine had been, some-how, productively occupied this letter would not have been written. But the Prof-ligate use of environment damaging fossil fuels for an individual’s personal enjoyment ignored the onset of climate change. (as does the increasing numbers of humanity with their travel.) Don’t Flaunt your toys in my breathing and sound space please. Perhaps put an exhaust silencer on your engine. Cars must have it.

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