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Author: Pauline Stewart

Matters to be resolved

Cathedral Cove walking access, where to have the Boating Club, dust on and in the houses opposite Allied Concrete on South Highway, Operational Refuse Transfer Station for Mercury Bay; Wahi Tukurua (recycling centre) being more than a name; clearing the ponds at Cooks Beach, Buffalo Beach and Taputapuatea Stream; Water storage plan and a timeline for it, Coastal Protection Project turned into specific plans for specific areas; rubbish bin collection methods that work for the residents. All require work and a change of culture regarding relationships and possibilities between local Government...

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You can see circled the mouth of the stream and Taputapuatea Bridge, also circled is the Boating Club where it used to be, and the home of Warren Harris  and Suzie Fletcher’s home. Now there is no tidal action at the mouth of the stream; the flow has stopped and no flow under the  bridge. A large sand bank gave way during Hale and Gabriel and it has filled the mouth and added to it are a series of dumpings of debris from throughout the past winter rains. What was clear ground is now overgrown and the wetlands around the stream are clogged with undergrowth and the smell is foul. The flow...

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Donuts – you need to try one

They want to know where the Glass Bottom Boat office is and they want to taste a donut from the bakery next door to the Glass Bottom Boat.   They seem very disappointed when they enter our office seeking either or both. Google Maps says that The Informer  is at the Glass Bottom Boat address. All three places are in Monk Street Whitianga. We have written in The Informer about how wonderful the Glass Bottom Boat tour is, but we have not mentioned the donuts at Bay Bakery, right next door. They are truly world famous and the recipe has not changed in years – it is just that the reputation of...

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Music and sunshine at the Hahei lawn charity concert

The Annual Lawnmowers Son “Music on the Lawn” charity event at Hahei Homestead was a success despite the sunshine swapping with rain and wind squalls at a couple of intervals. This weather kept some away, but a good crowd came regardless. The raffles and auction items donated were ‘over the top’ generous and the organisers thank the sponsors for making the fund raising for the Mercury Bay Cancer Support Trust so significant. Sponsors – Ooh La La Boutique; Hotwater Beach Holiday Park; Hot Waves Café and Day Bar; Hotties Beachfront Eatery; Cathedral Cove Dive and Snorkel; The Church Bistro;...

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Time to say thank you to Richard

Richard is loathe to receive recognition and public affirmation preferring to stay in the background. But he could not avoid this evening. The Secretary and acting Chair of the evening, Gordon Barnaby, ensured there would be no other way. Richard spoke a little about some areas of his life:- • Radiography Trust where he has recently taken on the Chair from Graeme Matthews. Richard’s comments were about Graeme’s very hard work, his achievements with the Trust and the complex nature of dealing with District Health Boards, ACC and various funding teams. • His love for the work of St John and...

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Graduation for Evakona Education

The graduation was joyful and well organised Whitianga is very proud of its English Language school and the programme it offers is an Evakona Education located on 18 South Highway, next to the Mercury Bay Area School, prepares teens to live and study in a New Zealand high school the following year. As well as studying English, the preparation includes, general confidence building, camping, self-defence classes, presentations, visiting schools, mathematics 9understanding the English terms and methods). The homestay experience is definitely a central facet to the experience of each student,...

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Action on Cathedral Cove

It was the specific issue of Cathedral Cove that had local MP Scott Simpson advocate and organise Minister Matt Doocey to come and meet the locals and understand what’s not happening with the Cathedral Cove walking track and the dynamics that have developed since the storms of early 2023. Conservation Minister Honourable Tama Potaka, had visited Cathedral Cove and met with Ngati Hei Charitable Trust member, Joe Davis and Mayor Len Salt at the invitation of Scott Simpson, MP. Th is had been an unofficial visit just a few days earlier but nonetheless an impetus to some kind of action and...

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Buffalo treasure on Buffalo Beach?

This Christmas New year the adult children were all gathered for their family holiday. Recently, metal detecting has become an enthusiasm for her two boys, Jared and Trent. One day the machines went mad – treasure they thought! A surface scan revealed nothing. After some digging and still finding nothing, Jared and Trent thought it must be the iron content of the sand further down. But being  treasure hunters at heart, they kept on digging and lo and behold; they found a huge very old piece of iron. The shells set like concrete in the metal say it has been in the ocean a very long...

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