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Author: MichelleRhodes

A bit of love and a bit of hate on SH25

The mana wave of the girl traffic management team. The tag is a senseless act on the sign to the new bridge. Often drivers think that all the cones etc. are over kill, I can assure you as an ex-UK Police Officer that has stood on and beside busy roads at traffic accidents and on traffic duty. They are really needed to slow vehicles down to a safe speed to protect both road side workers and vehicles in the flow of traffic. All that said as I passed the contractors were grinding off some graffiti, the bridge was still functioning but may be not as pretty. Was this necessary and a good use of...

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Team work makes the dream work

Amber and Caitie What a great trip combining marine biology information (I did not know a Snapper can change its sex if required to help balance the population of its species within a given area such as the Marine Reserve). Geological information on the types of rock both soft and hard and getting into and up close in a safe way at the Orua Sea Cave and of course Cathedral Cove is beautiful from any angle. Although a local, I had guests for the weekend, a returning Kiwi who now lives in Switzerland and her fiancé a St Hellenan now living in London; and decided to join them. I am so glad I...

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