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Author: Meg Beston

Where is Stan on Trump?

I see following a few missteps and an admittedly, terrible debate performance, Stan Stewart is calling for Joe Biden to step aside as Democrat candidate in the upcoming US election (9 July issue). But Stan, why haven’t you written a column about how unfit Donald Trump is to hold office as US president? Trump is a pathological liar. He’s a convicted felon. He’s a jury-adjudicated rapist and fraudster. He’s a cheat and a coward. He’s an authoritarian. He’s an insurrectionist. He’s a bully. He’s Putin’s puppet. He’s a sore loser. He’s a moron who wanted to inject bleach into people and thinks...

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Rasmussen’s logic questionable

Some random dude named Flemming Rasmussen pens a long-winded diatribe accusing our local district councillors of incompetence over a 12% rate increase. I counter with a concise 250-word letter, highlighting that a 12% hike is below the national average, implying that by Rasmussen’s logic, nearly every local councillor in the country must also be incompetent. Instead of addressing this straightforward point, Rasmussen is given yet another platform to spew thousands more words without offering a coherent response. What’s the secret recipe for getting such preferential treatment? To excel in...

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Questioning Mr Rassmussen

In a recent opinion piece, Mr Rasmussen assigns full blame for a proposed 12.9% rates increase on our local elected representatives. This simplistic approach ignores the realities of nationwide cost increases and how comparatively well TCDC has done. The average rate increase nationwide is 15%, with some councils imposing significantly steeper rises than TCDC – Hamilton (20%), Napier (23.7%), and Auckland water charges (29%). This doesn’t paint a picture of local Councillor incompetence, but rather every council struggling with inflation and extra costs being foisted on them by central government. Perhaps...

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Not TCDC’s fault

The blame game, Trevor? Aim it correctly at the current government that dumped water costs back on councils with zero help. Thanks to their divisive tactics, cheered on by folks like you, we are all paying the price in much higher rates. And please do not blame the Mayor and current Council for hundreds of millions of dollars of ratepayer funds required in the Long Term Plan for coastal hazard adaptation and local road repair costs caused by global heating-charged cyclones.  Blame the real culprits: Big Oil and their enablers in the current government, and our former Mayor.  Decades of their...

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