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Author: Maureen McGill

Climate change and more absurdity

Second, no nation uses “hedgerow” offsetting contrary to Trevor’s claim. Third, his suggestion of measuring “all greenery” for carbon offsets is impractical nonsense. Surely, Mr. Ammundsen, a champion of a “less bloated” civil service can imagine the bureaucratic nightmare of verifying every hedgerow and my patio pot plants for carbon capture! Climate change brings increased disease and wildfires, so trees are not permanent. National, Act and NZF have repeatedly affirmed the ETS as their primary tool for curbing emissions. National signed the Paris Climate Agreement and says it is committed...

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Promotion of sea wall simplistic and parochial

TCDC’s Shoreline consultants say 145 peninsula coastal locations require capital works for hazard “protection”.  Seawalls for just 7 of these local communities will cost $1.2 billion.  Now scale that nationwide around New Zealand’s 15,000 km coastline. (Netherlands has just 451 km, so a bogus comparison) That’s a fiscal black hole too huge for any government. Our small communities will miss out on government seawall funding. Seawall costs will fall on all district ratepayers.  Sensible ratepayers who heeded climate science will have to subsidise a minority of beachfront owners who ignored three...

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