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Author: K. Thompson


Last week, British-Swedish pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca announced that it is withdrawing its Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, THREE years after admitting it can cause rare, but life-threatening injuries such as blood clots! The company stressed that it was plummeting demand that determined its decision to withdraw its jab. Wonder why it took so long to withdraw the jab after knowing of its dangers? Do people really want to trust such companies and the WHO?

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Winston defends New Zealand?

When asked if he’s “in for a legal fight” he says: “I’m not a coward, I’m standing up for the rights and principles of our society.” When asked what hat he’s wearing, he says: “The hat of a New Zealander. We’ve got a right to be proud and make up our own mind.” Think that we need to remind Winston that we are waiting on an “investigation” into the Labour led government’s Covid-19 Public Health Response Act and how it treated NZers and forced, yes forced despite what Hipkins has said since, thousands of people to unwillingly take an experimental poisonous jab.  That Act needs to be destroyed.

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