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Author: John Veysey

Fear need not rule

Her department’s staff had caused offence not only by uncontrolled poisoning but by its failure to seek landowner consent before trespassing on their private properties. This trespassing was legal they said. Its legitimacy did not reduce the level of offence taken. DOC staff knew they faced a growing wave of opposition every time they left the office. Brigitte felt it strongly. The Thames office became fortified against intrusion. Visitors were treated as potential attackers. For her public appearances Brigitte was accompanied by two strapping body-guards. Large teams of security guards were...

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Widening divide between government and the people

As the number of offensive operations escalates so the voice of disapproval gets louder but is still not listened to. Our system of government allows the circumnavigation of any discussion with the public. Instead, government staff find themselves locked away in fortified offices, visitors are treated like attackers and any discussion with the public is impossible; because the employees in government departments work from a premise that what they are doing is in the best interests of the people and the environment and that those who complain “just don’t get it”. ‘These complainers...

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