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Author: Helen Vivian


Sometimes a submission form is provided or groups opposing a proposal often do a template form for members to fill out. Otherwise you can write or type up your own to be emailed or posted to the proposers (eg TCDC) by a deadline. The current deadline for TCDC is Monday, 8 April. (No one’s going to check your spelling or mark it!) The important points to include: 1. Start with a heading giving the reference number or description of the proposal (eg Long Term Plan 2024 -Rates or Storm water). 2. Give your name and contact details. State whether you are submitting in support or opposition...

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Doc’s positive achievements!

Could the local DOC office please inform us exactly what these “positive achievements” are so the public can “celebrate what has been achieved” in our area.   Also, please tell us what DOC sees as being “possible for the future” and, given oft-quoted budget constraints, what their priorities are in their remit as the Department of Conservation.   To put this in perspective, it would also be of interest to know how many staff are employed by DOC in the Mercury Bay area and what their annual operating budget is. 

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